Story 87

Climbing the tower

Cheshire was a pre-war undergraduate at Merton College, Oxford. He studied Jurisprudence from 1936-39. Some 15 years later I was at Merton. Of course, I never met him but I did know people who had.

Leonard at the pub

One was Bert, a College ‘scout’ or housekeeper, who told me a Cheshire story. He was crossing Mob Quad at breakfast time and heard a call of from on high.

‘Bert!’ Cheshire called out. The call came from the top of the chapel tower and continued with, ‘Bring me my breakfast.’

Cheshire had climbed the outside of the tower at night – not easy but a mad consequence of a night out – and could not climb down.

Bert dutifully took some breakfast up the tower and unlocked the door to let Cheshire out.

Bert was most amused and so was I!

Bert was most amused and so was I!